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Our efficient problem-solving approach will definitely bring a smile to your face.


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We provide quality, professional and reliable computer repair services along with workshop repair, data recovery and cloud services, direct to your doorsteps. No matter whether you are an individual home user or a small business owner, our experience, expertise, and efficient problem-solving approach will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Here at Mobile PC Doctor Limited, we fix computers, laptops, and Mac devices with perfection. Not just that, we also offer high-quality services for data recovery, Google Apps for Business (Cloud Services) setup, Outlook setup, transfer and much more. If you want to ensure complete peace of mind from all your IT services related problems, you can choose one of our PC maintenance plans customized to your needs.

Our Services

Remote IT Support

We can solve many computer issues with the help of remote support software and a phone call! You don’t have to bring the computer to us or wait for us to visit you at your house or office. Remote assistance makes solving most common issues very convenient and quick.

We offer immediate solution to all your annoying technical issues over the internet. You neither need to haul your desktop, laptop or notebook to the repair shop nor any onsite professional needs to be called. Our remote support can fix most of the problems without a visit your home or business. Whether it is an email issue or lost data, we can fix them all for you. So, without having to travel or let anyone in your home, you can get your computer repaired.   Read More...

Cloud Services

Cloud Services – Cloud Computing is a modern methodology that aims at accelerating your business applications, their integration and usage. In all, it makes business processes more rapid and off course secure. In even simpler terms, cloud signifies an abstraction of various business resources and technologies being used

It plays a significant role in building integrated computing infrastructure combined with computer networks, systems and applications. For instance, Google provides its dedicated data center when you opt for its business Apps. In short, Google offers cloud services for a variety of business needs.   Read More...

Onsite Services

Don’t you hit your mouse hard on the frustrating and pathetically slow speed of your computer? Or feel like scratching head when your PC/laptop restarts by itself? But hold on, it’s never wise to curse than to cure. There you go! Your computer needs to get the hands of expert technical professional and that is, of course – Mobile PC Doctor.

We not only repair your devices to restore its speed, but we also make them free of all those obstinate viruses, malwares and worms. In short, whatever the issue might be, we provide you with an extensive and complete solution for onsite computer repairs in Auckland and in all neighboring areas in the circle of 30 kilometers from Auckland City.   Read More...

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We primarily serve Auckland and all its neighboring areas with our Live and Onsite Computer Repair Services. Our Mobile PC Repair services reach direct to your door-step in the following areas: